Enriched by its experience and stimulated by creativity, the kitchen team has been evolving since the beginning in 1993.  We offer a refined cuisine at the image of Charlevoix and its regional products; La Ferme Basque’s duck,  St-Urbain’s Emu, La Maison Dufour’s cheese and our local gardener’ organic vegetables, to name a few. All of the Charlevoix’s producers are indicated in the Taste Trail. Our wild berries are picked nearby, the mushrooms are from the forest and a number of other edible native plants, herbs and flowers come form our garden. 

We try to keep as close to nature with fresh seasonal products. 


Our menus will be subject to change depending on arrivals and seasons.

The Chef's Bite-size appetizers

Smoked salmon dome, with goat cheese and a pink grapefruit dressing

Rabbit terrine with a small fruit chutney

Home made beef tartare and its condiments

Snail "bavettines" with olive oil and sorel sauce

Chanterelle and wild mushroom flank with tomato sauce

Soup or cream of the day, salad and tomato juice cocktail

All our dishes are served with vegetables of the season

Filet of Beef , marinated in five peper sauce. 

Chicken supreme with blue cheeze sauce

Quebec Pork loin, with porto and grilled garlic

Poached salmon filet, white butter and Triple Sec

Pan-fried Walleye filet with Pastis sauce

St-Urbain's emu medallion, raspberries and rosemary

Magret of duck , served with teragon sauce

Dessert of the day

Our garden

Walking on our property, you might catch a glimpse of our chef picking some fresh herbs himself from our garden. Indeed, most of our dishes are decorated with edible flowers and herbs taken from our own yard. In that way, our crops add a subtle dose of freshness to our cuisine which you can appreciate.