Where to eat ? in Charlevoix, at Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs. Enriched by its experience and stimulated by creativity, the kitchen team has been evolving since the beginning in 1993.  We offer a refined cuisine at the image of Charlevoix and its regional products; La Ferme Basque’s duck,  St-Urbain’s Emu, La Maison Dufour’s cheese and our local gardener’ organic vegetables, to name a few. All of the Charlevoix’s producers are indicated in the Taste Trail. Our wild berries are picked nearby, the mushrooms are from the forest and a number of other edible native plants, herbs and flowers that come from our garden. 

We try to keep as close to nature with fresh seasonal products. 


Considering the Corona virus, we will have to change the way to make and serve the meals.     

For the choise of supper, you can choose : À la carte, the main course starts at 19$......also, the three course starts at 35$ and includes the soup, main course and desert ......and the 5 course starts at 45$ and includes the little bite, the entries, soup, main course and desert.  Add taxes and tips on these prices   

Dessert of the day

Our garden

Walking on our property, you might catch a glimpse of our chef picking some fresh herbs. Indeed, most of our dishes are decorated with edible flowers and herbs taken from our own garden. In that way, our crops add a subtle dose of freshness to our cuisine which you can appreciate.