Where to sleep: here is a domain just for you. The accommodations consist of sixteen rooms.  In the Inn, eight classic rooms are equipped with a queen bed and four have a balcony. Two of the Superior rooms with a balcony offer a splendid view of the mountains.  On the first floor, two superior rooms with two double beds are overlooking the decorative flowerbeds.  The pavillon-motel has four Superior rooms with two double beds with front exits. Our rooms and their amenities will provide you with a complete rest far from city. At the Inn, you will find a living room with fire place, the bar and dining room and on the first floor, the reception a living room also.


As shown in the front page, you will find types of packages : 1) 'Away from the city' including the five course supper, room and breakfast and all tips.

2) two day package including the boat cruise in the Hautes-Gorges Park, the room and breakfast the first night and supper 5 course, room and breakfast second night.

3) the 'Bed breakfast package includes the room and the breakfast and tips . 
Prices in PAM is the room, supper 5 course service and breakfast and all tips    and Continental means room with breakfast and tips. Taxes are added  (Verify the different packages and options while reserving)


Rooms of various sizes.  

One queen bed

Full private bathroom with bath and shower

Certain with balcony

Wifi connexion, Climatisation, television, frig ..


Larger more spacious rooms

One queen bed

Full private bathroom with bath and shower

With balcony

Wifi connexion, climatisation, tv, small frig, 


Standard room, a bit smaller,  for one or two persons in the Inn with balcony,  one queen bed, full private bathroom, Wifi connexion, air condinning, tv, small frig...


TWIN rooms in the Inn and in the Motel for two or additional persons.       

Two double beds

Full private bathroom with bath and shower

Wifi connexion, climatisation, tv, small frig, table and chairs and exterior door.

Room's fare

ContinentalRoom & breakfeast
5 services
Includes room and breakfast
Children less than 4 years old0.00 $
Reservation policy :  A deposit of 40% will be taken for reservations made in advance .Cancellation Policy :  Three days is needed before the date for cancellation -- Within the 3 days before, the deposit will be kept if taken or 50% of the room before meals will be taken -- the same day, 100% of the total Package will be taken.  Upon notice of 3 days before, if you want to postpone to a future date, nothing will be takenYou can reach us by our e-mail: aubergehautesgorges@gmail.com to make a reservation or for any question, or by phone: 418-439-5110It is always better for you to make reservations directly on this site.Packages: PAM = Room, 5 course supper and breakfast and tips... > Couette  = bed &breakfast and tips  Visit our different PACKAGES including meals or à la carte and activities.